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Mixed pendant shapes

Mixed pendant shapes

SKU: DIY-L026-039

Size: about 98mm wide, 62mm long, 7mm thick; 1: about 26mm wide, 9mm long; 2: about 11mm wide, 13mm long; 3: about 12mm in diameter; 4: about 18mm wide, 27mm long; 5: about 17mm wide, 25mm long; 6: about 18mm wide, 17mm long; 7: about 13mm wide, 8mm long; 8: about 10mm wide, 5mm long; 9: about 16mm wide, 15mm long; 10: about 11mm wide, 10mm long; 11: about 8mm wide, 7mm long; 12: about 10mm wide, 8mm long; 13: about 16mm wide, 29mm long; 14: about 18mm wide, 27mm long.

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